The Credentials Committee serves the Missouri Presbytery particularly with regards to the ministerial credentials of its members. Above all, the Committee seeks to do its work with the goal to see more laborers who are qualified to serve the kingdom, which we believe God is building, within the bounds of Missouri Presbytery.

The Committee is charged to recommend candidates who desire to obtain, modify, transfer or exercise their ministerial credentials within the bounds of Missouri Presbytery; who have satisfactorily met the requirements contained in the Book of Church Order, and who are in accord with the consensual tenets of relationship within the presbytery. The Committee will assist men through this process and also will test and interview candidates as appropriate. 


The Credentials Committee schedules its regular meetings shortly before the meeting of Presbytery (which always falls on the third Tuesday of January, April, July and October) at Covenant Presbyterian Church or via Zoom. Any Candidate who desires to be placed on the docket for the Credentials Committee must complete all requisite tests and submittals on the Wednesday which is seventeen (17) days prior to the regular meeting of the Committee.


You are reading this document because you have expressed a desire to pursue a calling that you believe God, and His people, have expressed to you; and this is no small thing. You should view your interaction with the Credentials Committee as part of God's confirming that call to you. And with that perspective in mind, please pay special attention to the following counsel and guidelines for taking the written tests which are appropriate to your desired credentials.


TE Logan Ford (Chair)

RE Rick Matt (Exam Administrator)